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Quest MasteryAsia Hosts Inaugural “The Entrepreneurs Forum: Building Smart Business”

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Kuala Lumpur, 6 July – A group of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs convened in a forum to discuss issues and strategies facing current entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurs Forum, hosted by Quest MasteryAsia, was held at the Quill City Mall Convention Centre, with the aim to help new and seasoned entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth through re-education, coaching and networking. The forum also provided a unique networking environment to connect with like-minded professionals.

More than 150 attendees attended the forum, with diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds, such as startups, new businesses, existing businesses and family owned businesses.

Globalisation and increasing competitiveness of other competing business are putting pressure upon new and old businesses alike to innovate or find alternatives to meet the growing demands of discerning modern consumers who are more cautious with their spending habits.

Over the past few years, any inaction by current businesses and enterprises has been taken for complacency by consumers and seen as a failure to meet their needs.

In his keynote speech, KC See, CEO of Quest MasteryAsia Group Sdn. Bhd and panel moderator said, “In challenging times, a business owner has to run a tighter and smarter business. A smart business starts with a smarter you. A business owner requires new ideas, methods – in other words, new education.”

The Entrepreneurs Forum was a convening of minds by industry veterans like Fione Tan, CoFounder & CEO of 28Mall.com and eOneNet.com; Steven Yong, Managing Director of Unigrow Farming Sdn Bhd; Ahyat Ishak, Founder of Pejuang Hartanah Community and AhyatProperty TV and Vincent Leong, Founder & CEO of Dswiss Inc where they discussed new strategies their businesses have innovated in order to stay relevant and thrive in this competitive atmosphere.

The Entrepreneurs Forum: Building Smart Business
The moderator and panellists shared their thoughts, ideas and experiences in the Forum.  From left to right: KC See, Fione Tan, Vincent Leong, Steven Yong and Ahyat Ishak.

The forum was an important platform for its urgent focus on the issues most relevant to today’s entrepreneurs, with its stimulating new decisive thinking and inspiring agile adaptation for today’s business world.

Book Launch of “The Entrepreneur’s Treasure Chest”

The forum also saw the launch of The Entrepreneur’s Treasure Chest, a hardcover book written by seasoned author and CEO KC See, which features a collection of stories, case studies and anecdotes taken from 30 over years of knowledge and experience that has helped many of his clients, having consulted over hundreds of companies throughout Asia.

The Entrepreneurs Forum: Building Smart Business
KC See had successfully launched his sixth book and his first hardcover book – Entrepreneur’s Treasure Chest during the Forum.

This latest book aims to support aspiring entrepreneurs along their journey in business by providing in-depth insights on how to excel as an entrepreneur.

About The Author

KC See is the founder of QUEST Group companies, CEO of MasteryAsia, a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and international speaker. From professionals to CEOs, directors and business owners, KC has also worked with SMEs and multi-national corporations to improve their performance, productivity and increase their organisation’s bottom line.

He has created a programme 5 years ago called Building Smart Business, which has 6 strategies on how business people can build a work smart business instead of a work hard business.

He has written over 5 books, one of which was translated into five languages including the “Quest for Excellence: An Asian Executive Guide to Personal Performance, Productivity and Profits”.

He is a regular contributor to business magazines and newspapers, with a monthly column for the SME & Entrepreneurship magazine up till recently. He also wrote a popular column in The Star, entitled “Quality Through People” and has been interviewed on radio and televisions around the region including Channel News Asia.

About Quest MasteryAsia Group

Quest MasteryAsia Group is a diversified multinational involved in key growth sectors, namely, education, coaching and mentoring, organisation strategic development and consultation, property as well as investment.

Currently, the company has offices in five different locations in Asia-Pacific including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Melbourne.

Visit our website at https://www.masteryasia.com/

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